Bait Buddies – Zeke and Alex

Another fresh week and yet another new bait buddies scene is here for you to see. As you know, this site is the best place to come by and check out when you want to see some incredibly hot and sensual gay action go down too. This scene brings you the hot pair made by Zeke and Alex as they get to have some fun with one another on camera and you can bet that they end up putting one incredibly hot and sexy show for you all to see and check out today. So let’s get those baitbuddies cameras rolling and see them in action. We bet that you will fall in love on the spot with their simply stunning and sexy anal sex scene here for the afternoon!


It’s clear that the two want each other as soon as the cameras roll and they start getting naked. The pair gets rid of their clothes fast and once they do so, you can see those naked bodies put on display and toyed with. The bait is more than happy to get to be on the receiving end of this one as the guy packs a nice and big cock that would do very well in stretching out his nice ass too, wow you can find a similar scenario on  So watch the foreplay transition to the proper fuck and see that cock slide nice and slow at first in that sexy ass. That turns into some fast and hard anal fucking after that and looks quite superb. So have fun and do check out the past scenes to if you want even more kinky gay action!

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Cameron and Chase

Hey there guys and gals and welcome to a brand new bait buddies scene here this week. This new week’s pair is formed by Cameron and Chase, with Cameron being the straight guy naturally. And don’t get it wrong as both Chase and Cameron look absolutely amazing to say the least. Anyway, in today’s scene, you of course, get to see them playing with one another. And they do such a wonderful job at getting naughty with each other too. Well they are two more mature guys playing in this baitbuddies scene so it’s no surprise that they’re quite good in bed. Anyway, let’s watch them jack off one another to start their little nasty play session!

The baitbuddies show then proceeds with the two studs getting around to start playing even more kinky as they get to suck each other’s cocks with a passion too. Which of course, then leads them to have anal sex afterwards. It’s just a pretty amazing and hot scene to check out and we get the feeling that you’ll be seeing these two in more action really soon around here too. Anyway, do take your time to watch their hot fuck session for the whole afternoon and enjoy the show. We’ll be seeing you really soon with more all new and all fresh updates of course, and all you need to do is make sure that you drop by for a visit everyone. So we’ll be seeing you next time with fresh content!


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Bait Buddies – Scott and Jimmy

Well well well, here we are yet again with a brand new bait buddies scene where a bait gets to goad a straight guy into some steamy gay sex. And you get to see that every week too of course. Anyway, in this one we have Scott and Jimmy getting into some action and Jimmy is the one to tempt Scott. It’s not like Scott was going to turn down such a stud’s offer in the first place as he was horny as fuck and down to get nasty too. Well, let’s get those baitbuddies cameras rolling already and sit back to enjoy this truly amazing gay fuck for the afternoon. We can promise that you won’t be disappointed with what goes down in it and there’s plenty of it to witness!


When the two start their fun, you can see them make their entry to the scene and right away start to undress. They are pretty happy to get to show off each other’s hot bodies to the cameras and as they lay back on that couch you can see them stroking each other’s cocks nice and hard too. That masturbation session was just the start of their naughty action scene and once they were done with that they get right down to business. See Scott spread Jimmy’s legs and watch him go balls deep in that nice and tight ass here today. Jimmy moans in pleasure of course and takes a load in his ass too. Enjoy the update and see you all next week with a new update!

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Crash and Luke

Welcome back yet again. There’s more bait buddies goodies to check out this afternoon and you can see this pair of guys made from Crash and Luke go all out in their little nasty fuck session today. The two guys ended up making magic happen for real in this afternoon scene here and they know it fully well. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the front row seats to this gorgeous fuck fest right here and watch as the two take their time to enjoy every single second of their baitbuddies fuck for the afternoon. With that let’s just get to see them in action without delay as you must watch them get down and dirty with each other fucking hard today!

Well, take your time to see the two straight guys in this one taking off one another’s clothes as they sheepishly get to kiss and caress one another too. they move on lower and lower towards their cocks and rest assured that they know full well what they are doing here today. Before even they realize it, they can be seen sixty nine-ing each other and sucking those nice and thick cocks with a passion to make sure that they get nice and hard. And after all that, you can see them taking turns to fuck one another up the ass missionary style as well. It’s a great gallery and we hope that you will enjoy it. We’ll see you soon once more with new shows!


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Bait Buddies – Jake and Billy

Another fresh week and time for another new and intriguing bait buddies update to be brought to you. As you know we always strive to bring you the best of the best scenes with hot straight guys getting to try out fucking another dude’s ass for the first time and that straight guy for the afternoon is Jake. The bait as it were, is Billy and he sure showed off the wonders of having some man on man fun with one another. Let’s get right into the action with this new and hot bait buddiesscene here and watch Jake and Billy have a nice and hard fuck for everyone to see. We can assure you that there’s plenty of juicy content in their bait buddies scene here today!


The two make a wonderful pair in terms of naughty play and we’re sure that your eyes will be glued to the screen from the very start of their little nasty show today. As always, the action goes down on that classy couch and you can bet that they made good use of it for this afternoon. So let’s get all that action going and see some more anal sex happening nice and hard here. We can promise you that you will adore seeing the two studs getting down and dirty and plowing each other all over the couch this afternoon too. With that being said we’ll see you again real soon with another update. Bye bye everyone and enjoy the view in this one!

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Robert’s and Joey

This week’s bait buddies scene is finally here and you know full well what to expect to see in it. Also the names of the two hunks getting to play in it are Robert and Joey and they end up having tons of fun this afternoon too. Both of them are older guys but that definitely didn’t stop them from enjoying themselves with each other today. Joey is the bait and Robert gets to be the fresh meat as it were, but Robert always kind of fancied trying out some man on man action so far. So this was the perfect time for him to get to try it out and see how it feels. Let’s get his baitbuddies scene started and let’s watch him fuck Joey right in the ass today shall we?

And since Joey is the bait, he’s more than happy to let his ass ravaged by the other guy too. He’s fairly experienced in the art of fucking asses too, it’s just that he never got to have any fun with a guy before. Well either way, the two guys ended up having tons of fun with one another and you get to see every single second of their little get together today. Just sit back and relax as you get to watch the horny Robert plow Joey’s tight ass nice and hard for the whole afternoon in this show. We’ll be taking our leave for now of course but we’ll be back soon with another new update and more new galleries for you to check out and see as per usual. See you then!


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Bait Buddies – Conner and Tony

As per usual, today’s bait buddies scene comes here to show off some more straight guys getting trapped and falling for the bait that we present them with. They always end up playing nasty with them for the whole show and it always makes for the perfect scenes to check out. The guest stars in this one are Conner as the straight dude and tony as the cute bait. And you can bet that Tony had no trouble in tempting Conner for a nice fuck this afternoon. Let’s get those nice and sensual baitbuddies cameras rolling and let’s see another pair of guys fucking hard style for you and the cameras today shall we everyone?


Conner gets to have the privilege of getting his cock worked by Tony’s luscious and expert lips at first of course. He’s the one doing the fucking so Tony needs to make sure that his cock is hard as a diamond for his nice and sexy round ass. When he’s done with that, see Conner simply go for it as it seems that he simply couldn’t resist the temptation of that round rump. Enjoy watching him fuck Tony doggie style for the better part of this scene and watch the whole nasty show unfold for you. We’ll be back soon with another new show for you to see and all you need to do is make sure that you stay tuned. So have fun everyone and see you next week with another gallery and another pair!

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Toby Springs and Steve

Hey there again everyone, we’re back once more and we have all new and all fresh bait buddies scenes for you to check out today. Toby Springs and Steve are the two guys getting to play for your viewing pleasure and as you can see, mr Toby here’s the straight guy with chocolate skin that gets to play with Steve acting as the bait. And as you know the bait’s role is to make sure that they show off how good some anal sex feels with another guy as well. And Steve is very good at that as you will see in this juicy and hot baitbuddies scene. So let’s just get to watch the two hunks as they get to jack one another off for your viewing pleasure!

The couch is their companion again for this one and their scene naturally starts with the two starting to undress one another and show off just how good they are at that. But Steve gets busy really quick and you can see him starting to jack off his buddy’s cock as after some cock sucking he got him nice and hard. You can see Toby joining in stroking steve’s dick as well when he gets horny enough and by the end of their little naughty session you can see them shooting jizz loads all over one another too. We’ll see you again next week with more, so be ready to check out more new and juicy scenes with lots of hot gay action everyone!


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Bait Buddies – Caleb and Mark

Hey there guys and welcome back to a new and fresh little bait buddies update. That couch is getting put to good use again this afternoon as you get to watch the two hot guys Caleb and Mark in some action today. And they sure put on a great show for everyone to see once they get down and dirty with each other too. Caleb is the Bait in this one and he wants to show Mark how good gay sex can feel as well for the afternoon. And after the fun they got to have with one another in this lovely scene we’re sure that he managed to bring the guy to the baitbuddies side. Anyway, let’s get on with it and see some great and hot anal sex scenes getting done this afternoon!


Caleb and Mark start of of course with some passionate kissing and caressing. Well that and taking off their clothes as well. They just look amazing and Caleb wants Mark to take the reins and show him what he’s got in that hard cock of his for the afternoon. With that being said, you can then see Caleb suck the stud’s cock to make sure that he’s rock hard and after that, you get to see him lay on his back with legs spread and eagerly waiting to take it missionary style today. We hope that you will enjoy the sight of this whole scene going down here and we’ll bring some more juicy new content next week too. All you need to do is stay tuned to see it!

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Adam and Lance

Well, you know what you get to see here at bait buddies and we have more of it too. As per usual we have the straight guy and the bait getting to play with one another for you and the cameras to see and it’s quite the nice little naughty show too. Adam and Lance are the names of the two guys that get to play and rest assured that right from the start they get to put on the most amazing scene for you. Lance is the bait, but that doesn’t mean that he just gets to be the one to take it in the ass today. He also gets to show Adam, the straight guy how to take it in the ass in today’s baitbuddies update. So let’s get cracking and see some action!

As the scene begins, you can see the two making their entry and eagerly starting to play with one another too. The whole thing is a must watch today to be honest, because as soon as they get naked the two guys are just all over each other. It seems that the straight guy isn’t as straight as he thought as he seemed pretty eager to get to play with another guy here. So let’s just get the whole thing rolling and watch some proper action with these two. You get to see Lance eventually laying Adam on his back and then going balls deep in his tight little ass for this one. Have fun with the whole thing today and we’ll bring you more next week too!


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