Alex Adams & Alexander Greene

Hey there guys, bait guys is here for your enjoyment once again and we bring you some more new and kinky scenes with hot and sexy studs as they get to have some undisturbed fun with one another’s nice and tight asses for this afternoon. Let’s sit back and enjoy one amazing scene with Alex Adams and Alexander Greene as these two hunks are ready to get down and dirty with each other’s fine asses just for your enjoyment too. So let’s get their nice and kinky show going to see the two of them in action, pounding one another’s fine asses.

Alex Adams fucks Alexander Greene

When the scene starts off, you get to see the guys getting on the couch and starting their little fun session today. Take your time to watch them undress and when they are completely naked the real fun begins too. Watch as one of the Alexes gets to bend over and see him presenting that cute and round ass of his for his buddy to fuck. Of course the other Alex does this and you get to watch him fucking his buddy nice and deep with his hard cock today for the whole scene. Enjoy it and do come back next week for another new and hot gallery everyone!

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Bait Buddy

David found a new bait buddy to fuck and with a little work he did it. The gay hunk found a new straight guy and although Bryce is straight somehow he ended up under him getting pounded. David is a really attractive guy and he never really had a hard time getting guys into his bed, but when you try to convince a straight guy it’s completely different. Things were getting to easy for him so he started convincing straight guys to fuck with him now, there is something about that first ass fuck that kept him going. Bryce, the straight guy, wasn’t too pleased about David’s offer but with a little work he caved and ended up under him getting his virgin ass fucked for the very first time. Enjoy!


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Straight Guy Fucked

Hey there. We got two new hunks fucking in this latest update from! We love it when these straight guys are being convinced to get fucked by gay guys. The best ones are the guys that are really hard to get and today we have one of those. He wouldn’t think he was going to be fucked by another dude not in a million years and it still happened. Our gay hunk did an amazing job and with his magic convinced him to go in a more private room with him. All the glasses he had helped him a bit and once they got there he couldn’t escape his charms and let his stuff his tight virgin ass for the very first time. THis is all for today but don’t forget to get back for more steamy gay updates!


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First Gay Fuck

More hardcore gay fucking scenes are here for all you lucky guys from bait! Connor convinced Mick to try his way for once. These two having been friends for a while but they never thought to get together in that way. They knew the other’s sexual preferences and respected their taste. Mick was upset that his girlfriend dumped him so he went to his friend Connor for some love and support. The guys started drinking and after a few glasses Connor told him that guys aren’t that immature and that it would be so easy if he was into dudes. But he never thought that his words will convince him to try out being with a guy. Well who’s better that his good old friend to fuck him for the first time? Enjoy!


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Bait Buddies Porn

More bait buddies porn is here! Jessie and Trey are our hunks of the day and you must see them fucking in this hot scene. Jessie wanted to get into Trey’s pants for a while now but didn’t really knew how to approach the situation. He saw Trey several times at the gym and was really into him, but he never knew what to say to him. He didn’t seem into guys so it was kind of tricky finding the right approach. Jessie finally had the gut to talk with him and asked him to help him with his workout and then invited him to his house to workout. But while they were there Trey found his porn stash and figured out what his plan was. Jessie talked with him and found out that he was interested in trying it out but was too embarrassed to talk with someone about it. Below you can see everything that happened between them. Enjoy!


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Damian Taylor & Gavin Waters

This week’s new and hot scene has the superb and hot studs have some fun in a new scene for you. The name of these two new hunks are Damian Taylor and Gavin Waters and both of them are some sexy and muscular studs that just adore gay sex. And you can check out the past scenes as well where you get to see another pair of dudes, Alex and Alex as they also get to show off just how much they enjoy their naughty and kinky gay fuck sessions. Anyway, let’s get to see these two at play today without delay shall we?

When the cameras roll, you can already see that the guys got busy with some passionate kissing as they were undressing one another too. Let’s then take the time to see them as they get into some more private sun as you get to watch Gavin going down on his knees to suck off Damian’s nice and big black cock. And after that whole oral pleasing session, you get to see him taking his spot on top of that cock and getting around to ride it nice and hard all afternoon long today. Enjoy this fresh fuck session and do come back next week for more baitbuddies scenes!

Damian Taylor hammers Gavin Waters

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Danny and Krys

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back to a whole new and hot scene as usual. You know that this is always the best spot to visit if you want to see some naughty and sexy studs fucking and we always deliver satisfaction. Well for today’s new and sexy scene you get to watch Danny, that was here before in last week’s scene as he gets to have some sweet fun with his new fuck buddy Kris as well for the afternoon. Let’s get to see them at play this fine afternoon as the two guys sure were eager to put on their nice and kinky show for everyone to see as well. So let’s get their show on the road.


As the cameras roll, the two guys can be seen in the living room starting off their sexy and naughty show. Watch them engaging in some passionate kissing and undressing and see them present you with their just amazing and nude bodies. And this week you get to see Danny take the lead role as he has Krys sucking on his hard cock. Enjoy as he then gets to spread Krys’s legs and watch him fuck that naughty and eager ass balls deep with his rock hard man meat for the whole afternoon. This is one show that you just have to see and do come back next week for one more new update and more horny and hot studs too! Bye bye everyone!

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Bait Buddies Free

In this bait buddies free scene we have our gay hunk Mike pounding Ari’s ass for the first and in front of the camera. Ari was convinced by some of his friends to go to this casting for a gay movie. He didn’t actually knew what the movie was, but his friends never thought that he will show up. What Ari didn’t tell his friends was that he was kind of short on cash so this job was perfect. He wasn’t actually expecting a gay movie role, but for money he did it anyway. Mike loves initiating these straight guys and had a blast stuffing his tight ass in front of the cameras. Everyone was happy after it, Mike had a new straight guy on his list and Ari got the money he needed and he kind of enjoyed it from what we saw. Enjoy!


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