Bait Buddies – Toby and Lucas

Hi, there guys and gals. Welcome back for another brand new bait buddies video.  We’ve prepared for you quite a surprise because this is going to be our last video of the week and we really want you to enjoy yourself. In this special update we prepared for you two eager hot guys that are in the mood for some hot sex. These two sexy and hot guys gets to engage in a very hot and naughty sex session just for your entertainment. This whole video started out as a joke, two friends playing with one another, but soon you will see that here it’s going to happened something much hotter.We are sure that you will get enjoy it because for the first time here one of the guys is straight and he wants to try something fun with his best friend. If you haven’t seen all of our videos until now, we invite you to scroll up and down the page. Take your time with it and you’ll see how many surprises we have for you here. But, for now, let’s get those cameras rolling and enjoy this straight guy getting his dick jerked off by his best friend! is going to wait for you to be back. Don’t forget to check our site again. These two are naked and ready for some hardcore acction. See them rubbing and sucking one another cock. Enjoy it and stay tuned!


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Bait Buddies – Billie and Trevor

Good day! Are you ready for another sexy bait video which will make your fantasies run wild? We have missed you guys and because of that we decided to bring in front of you a new video that you can enjoy it today! Just click on that play button and we assure you that you are not going to regret your decision.  You know exactly what you can see here and we want to show off one more hot and kinky update for you, having foreground two sexy boys and that’s what you are going to get in just a few more moments. We welcome you back as always to all new hot scenes here. These two guys are absolutely incredible and they know how to make themselves and their companion to feel really good. These two are going to give each other an awesome handjob so you must see it! Enjoy two sexy boys jerking off one another. 

Take a seat, make yourself comfortable and enjoy these baitbuddies guys getting to rub hard their cocks in front of our cameras. They want to show off how good they are because they plan on coming again with more scenes. Because of them really enjoys to suck cocks you can see some oral action too and we assure you that his skills are amazing.  As you can see the atmosphere will be really not and naughty. You just have to take your time and to enjoy their video. Bye!



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Brian and Jace

Bait buddies porn is the site that is going to be showing off how some horny and sexy hunks that like to have fun with each other every new week from now on. You just must b sure to check our with regularity and to always scroll down the page for some more kinky and naughty sex scenes. Every time we will introduce to you some new and sexy guys that love to show off their skills in front of the cameras because they love to impress and to make the viewer to feel as good as they. They will make anything in their powers to please you and to entertain you, so take your time and enjoy their videos. Take your time and see this guy getting his straight ass fucked hardcore. 

For today baitbuddies have an unusual pair and we are sure that you are going to love them. They are both sexy, naughty and experts when it comes to anal fucking and rough sex. These two were super horny so they decided to make something about that unpleasant situation and just tell us what a better way to get rid of that stress than a good and hardcore fucking? They are going to really take their time with one another because bot of them wants to bring in front of you only the best of them. Watch them fucking each other rough and changing place all the time. Enjoy! Stay tuned!


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Bait Buddies Videos

Bait buddies videos are back and we bring you today your favorite pair! You must remember them, both really hot and with a pleasure for hardcore sex and let’s not forget about those two big hard cocks of them that you’ll get to enjoy today as well. These two are ready to fuck and can not wait any longer. We advise you to make yourself very comfortable for this dirty sex scenes because they have a very beautiful and naughty surprise prepared. But if you want to find out what it is abou, first you must click on that play button, then you must watch this video until the end. We are sure that you’re going to love their new scene. Watch this hot guy getting hardcore fucked by a naughty hunk  and take your time seeing how he is going to fuck his ass until he cums from that much pleasure.

Today it is a special day at baitbuddies. Ar your request these two are back and they are ready to start.  And they are pretty good looking as well, as always! Well in today’s scene you get to see them taking turns in fucking one another ass because both of them are feeling naughty at PornInsights. Watch him spread his legs on the couch, and see his naughty friend stuffing his big cock inside his tight ass and starting fucking him hard while offering him a handjob too. Enjoy it and come back for more soon! Bye!


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Mike and Ari

Bait buddies free is back and we have for you one again a wonderful pair that you will get to enjoy in brand new update just here, at baitbuddies! Mike and Ari are old friends and it is not their first time getting to play for you here. As you all know they’ve been here before and we are sure that you didn’t forget about their memorable show. Today they are back with more naughty and dirty scenes and rest assured because these two gay hunks are going to watch them put an exquisite performance just for you guys and the cameras today. Let’s watch them have some fun today with one another,  shall we everyone? See this straight guy getting his dick sucked off and then fucked at school!

This afternoon, these hot guys Mike and Ari were all turned on and naughty. Soon enough they were only thinking about fucking but they were at school. Not a very pleasant place to have sex, but they manages somehow to lock the changing room and to get their release.  Sit back and watch these two giving each other some nice and hard cock, as they start to suck one another cocks. Their moaning are going to be music to your ears, just wait and see.  Take your time, enjoy and be sure to watch it until the end because you don’t want to miss seeing these two getting drenched in one’s another cum. Bye!


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Free Bait Buddies

Hello and welcome back to another hardcore free bait buddies new scene!  Today we have for you two guys that can not wait to show off their junks in front of the cameras and how well they can play with each other. We think that you are used to be amazed by every update that we bring, but this one it is going to be really special. If you don’t believe us just click on that play button and see for yourself what a wonderful surprise waits for you. You will see that both of them are very well endorsed by mother of nature and they are very eager to start fucking one another. In this video you can see them fucking in turns and really loving it. Enjoy watching here this naughty and curious straight guy getting his ass hardcore fucked by his best friend!

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Rico and Juan

Hello! Glad to see you back! You’ve come just in time because it’s that part of the day when you can see another new bait buddies video filled with hot scenes and hot guys. They are very eager to start and to get all naughty and kinky in front of our cameras just for your viewing pleasure. All they want it is to make a good impression. Thier dreams are to make your imagination run wild and to wants see more of their skills because we will make sure to bring them back if you like what they’ve done for today. Today we bring in front of you two newbie and we are sure that their scene is going to be quite to your taste but you must not be fooled because they are amateurs. Check out these straight guys fucking one another. 

We guarantee that you will get to enjoy something really hot and naughty here at bait boys for this update, just click on that play button and let them do their part. This video will start with these two already naked and ready. Both of them are straight but they wanted to try at least once to see how it is to have your ass fucked and… on, well, you will see how much they enjoy it! They’ll even try the second time in this video!  These two virgin asses are going to be fucked hardcore. See you all and enjoy!


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Damian and Gavin

Another fresh day and it’s time to check out a brand new gay bait buddies video. This update for today it’s going to be something really special and as sexy and sensual as the last one, we guarantee that and also be ready to see out two boys, Damian and Gavin, giving it all for you. Well, as you know, this is the best spot that you want to come and visit if you want to see some hot hunks getting to show off how they like to suck dicks and how much they love fucking each other asses. So let’s just enjoy this videos and have a good time. See these two getting to play with each other and this straight guy taking a dick up in his ass. 

Just at baitbuddies you can enjoy these kind of horny and nasty boys. Always you will see here boys that really loves sexy and you will have wonderful surprises if you watch our videos until the end. As the cameras start to roll see the guys alternate in fucking on another and be sure that they absolutely love this kind of fuck. Do take your time to see this sexy straight guy getting that sexy body drenched in cum. Take your time if you want to see the grand final. It is going to be awesome! Enjoy it and we will see you again next time.  Bye bye, guys!


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Bait Buddies – Braxton and Dustin

Bait buddies are back and we want to introduce you two naughty sexy boys that can not wait to display their skills in front of our cameras. Let me introduce you to Braxton and Dustin, two good friends that today decided to take their friendship to another level right here! Braxton it is an expert until now,  but Dustin is having his first gay experience today with Braxton, so be sure to watch this video until the end. They started this video with a little warming, a  jack off session that it is so hot that you’ll want to be there with them.Do take your time to enjoy this brand new video that we prepared for you and see these jocks drilling their asses.

As the cameras start to roll you will see out boys from baitbuddies com already naked and pretty aroused. They start by caressing every inch of their bodies. Afterwards you will see Dustin bending over a couch while Braxton is going to lick that sweet ass oh him and playing with his ball, preparing him for what it is about to come.  So let’s not waste time any longer to see these guy get into action for you guys as they get to properly fuck one another in the ass today. This is going to be a superb scene, you just have to be patient. They are going to take turn in fucking on another, so stay tuned and see you soon!


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Trent Williams and Steven Ponce

Hello and welcome back to another bait buddies, the perfect place where you can enjoy some hardcore gay porn. Trent Williams and Steven Ponce are our guests for today and they did bring some awesome scenes for you all to enjoy. They both are very good looking as you will see and be sure that these two goes to the gym. Their perfect sculpt bodies are going to be here in this afternoon for you to enjoy the view.  Enjoy this hardcore scene for now and click on that play button! Check out bait buds blog and if you want to see more hot muscular guys having hardcore gay sex. Enjoy as you get to see the sexy Tren getting his ass fucked by his companion in the brand new video.

Baitbuddies hope to impress you as usual. These two are already pretty excited on starting their scene as you can see. Sit back and watch Steve fucking hard Trent’s ass after he sucks and deep throat that nice and hard big cock of him. Their moaning will show you how good they are feeling with each other. Be sure to not miss a second on this update. Trent is with her legs spread open and playing with his penis, making Steve wanting to possess him there and now. Take your time with these two and we are sure that you’ll love them. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more soon! Bye bye!



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