Adam and Lance

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Well, you know what you get to see here at bait buddies and we have more of it too. As per usual we have the straight guy and the bait getting to play with one another for you and the cameras to see and it’s quite the nice little naughty show too. Adam and Lance are the names of the two guys that get to play and rest assured that right from the start they get to put on the most amazing scene for you. Lance is the bait, but that doesn’t mean that he just gets to be the one to take it in the ass today. He also gets to show Adam, the straight guy how to take it in the ass in today’s baitbuddies update. So let’s get cracking and see some action!

As the scene begins, you can see the two making their entry and eagerly starting to play with one another too. The whole thing is a must watch today to be honest, because as soon as they get naked the two guys are just all over each other. It seems that the straight guy isn’t as straight as he thought as he seemed pretty eager to get to play with another guy here. So let’s just get the whole thing rolling and watch some proper action with these two. You get to see Lance eventually laying Adam on his back and then going balls deep in his tight little ass for this one. Have fun with the whole thing today and we’ll bring you more next week too!


See this straight guy getting pounded!