Bait Buddies – Braxton and Dustin

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Bait buddies are back and we want to introduce you two naughty sexy boys that can not wait to display their skills in front of our cameras. Let me introduce you to Braxton and Dustin, two good friends that today decided to take their friendship to another level right here! Braxton it is an expert until now,  but Dustin is having his first gay experience today with Braxton, so be sure to watch this video until the end. They started this video with a little warming, a  jack off session that it is so hot that you’ll want to be there with them.Do take your time to enjoy this brand new video that we prepared for you and see these jocks drilling their asses.

As the cameras start to roll you will see out boys from baitbuddies com already naked and pretty aroused. They start by caressing every inch of their bodies. Afterwards you will see Dustin bending over a couch while Braxton is going to lick that sweet ass oh him and playing with his ball, preparing him for what it is about to come.  So let’s not waste time any longer to see these guy get into action for you guys as they get to properly fuck one another in the ass today. This is going to be a superb scene, you just have to be patient. They are going to take turn in fucking on another, so stay tuned and see you soon!


Take a look at these jocks drilling their asses!