Bait Buddies Gay Porn

More bait buddies gay porn is here! Today we have Mike, our gay hunk and Juven, the straight guy getting fucked. Few can resist Mike’s charms and apparently Juven isn’t one of them.  Juven ended up at a gay party by mistake, he got the address wrong from his friends and being the first there he was still hopping that his friends will get there soon. It was a bit weird seeing only guys around him, but he really hoped that the girls would appear later. Mike noticed him and went over to talk and told him that he was actually a gay party. But after talking with him for a while, Juven started feeling attracted to him. Mike took advantage that he was alone and kid of vulnerable and invited him over to his place to get to know each other better. Well after a couple of drinks Juven got to know his way better that expected. So don’t miss them out


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