Bait Buddies – Toby and Lucas

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Hi, there guys and gals. Welcome back for another brand new bait buddies video.  We’ve prepared for you quite a surprise because this is going to be our last video of the week and we really want you to enjoy yourself. In this special update we prepared for you two eager hot guys that are in the mood for some hot Peter Fever sex. These two sexy and hot guys gets to engage in a very hot and naughty sex session just for your entertainment. This whole video started out as a joke, two friends playing with one another, but soon you will see that here it’s going to happened something much hotter.We are sure that you will get enjoy it because for the first time here one of the guys is straight and he wants to try something fun with his best friend. If you haven’t seen all of our videos until now, we invite you to scroll up and down the page. Take your time with it and you’ll see how many surprises we have for you here. But, for now, let’s get those cameras rolling and enjoy this straight guy getting his dick jerked off by his best friend! is going to wait for you to be back. Don’t forget to check our site again. These two are naked and ready for some hardcore action. See them rubbing and sucking one another cock. Enjoy it and stay tuned!


See this straight guy getting his dick jerked off!